Parish Est. 1834
953334 7TH LINE, MONO

Bulletin Board

Cemetery Service Held on August 13, 2017

2017 Maintenance Update


To our Cemetery Families:
We have many overgrown shrubs that are obstructing monuments and encroaching on neighbouring plots.
Please remove your ornamental dwarf evergreen shrubs if they exceed the height of the monument.
Shrubs that are not removed by the families (by October 1) will be removed by the cemetery maintenance contractor by October 31.


Please be reminded that all Lot Decoration like artificial flowers, wreaths, or other forms of decorations are prohibited on graves from October 31 until April 1 the next year. Decorations not removed by October 31st will be removed by cemetery staff.

We encourage families to remove and store plastics to keep them out of landfills. Plastics can be re-purposed the next year.


Because each life is important enough to remember

With some pioneer graves dating from the time of the War of 1812, St. JOHN’S CEMETERY is still a peaceful, and unspoiled place of burial and lasting rest. Located on a Clergy Reserve originally set aside by the colonial Governor for building an Anglican Church, St. JOHN’S has managed and cared for this Cemetery since the parish was established in 1834 at the direction of Archdeacon (later Bishop) John Strachan under the Bishop of Quebec.

This cemetery that is so rich in history still operates with purposes identical to those of its pioneer founders:

  • To offer a ministry of compassionate and pastoral support to families who are grieving; and
  • To provide a place of unspoiled natural beauty where the dead may be remembered with dignity.

Close enough for remembrance to be convenient

Located in the spectacular Hockley Valley area of Dufferin County, St, JOHN’S CEMETERY is close to many communities in the GTA and environs:

  • 15 minutes east of Orangeville
  • 20 minutes north-west of Bolton & Caledon Village
  • 30 minutes west of Newmarket & Schomberg
  • 30 minutes north of Brampton
  • 45 minutes north of Mississauga & Etobicoke

Small enough for remembrance to be personal


At present, about one-half of the burial sites in the 8 acres of historic St, JOHN’S CEMETERY are available. Thus, it is still possible to purchase burial rights at sites with enough room to accommodate several future generations of family.

Both grave plots and cremation plots are available in a variety of settings, -- hilltop, hillside, shaded and sunlit.

While St. JOHN’S CEMETERY is owned by the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, it is operated locally through the Churchwardens of St. JOHN’S CHURCH, East Orangeville, by individuals from the local parish community.

While St. JOHN’S CEMETERY was first consecrated as a Christian Anglican burial ground, it is operated today as an inclusive sacred burial space for those of any faith tradition.

St. JOHN’S CEMETERY is located on a quiet country lane just east of Airport Road and north of Highway 9. Only occasionally does a passing car disturb this mostly quiet and peaceful setting.

The compassionate staff in the Parish Office and our friendly Cemetery Manger will be pleased to assist you when you have need of these services.

St. JOHN’S CEMETERY is a member of the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals.

The clergy and staff of St. JOHN’S CHURCH can be available to assist you for graveside burials. Visitations, funerals, memorial services and/or receptions in parish facilities may also be arranged. Please contact us for more information.

Download a copy of our Funeral Planning Guide