Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there room in St. John's Cemetery, and do I have to be Anglican to be buried there?

Yes there is room, and no you do not have to be Anglican to purchase interment rights there.

St. Johns Cemetery is an 8 acre, historic site with roots back as far as 1812, the date on our oldest headstone.

It is a rolling site with most new space on the level area to the right (north) side of the south entrance.

St. Johns Cemetery is open to people of any faith tradition.

2. What kinds of space(s) are available?

We currently offer 3x10' plots. Each plot holds one casket, and up to 4 urns. The casket is usually buried first, with urns above it; a very cost effective arrangement for families.

3. How do I purchase interment rights?

St. John's Cemetery is operated by the Anglican parish of St. John's Church, East Orangeville. The Cemetery is open from April 1 - October 31st. During those months please call the Church office, 519-941-1950 to make an appointment with the Cemetery Manager. The Manager can arrange to meet you at the Cemetery for a walk-about to see which locations are available. A contract will be completed and a Certificate of Interment Rights issued on payment.

4. How much does it cost?

The current Tariffs and Cemetery Board By-Laws are on this website. They are available to download on pdf.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to call the Church Office, year round. The Administrator is available Tuesday - Friday 9-1pm 519-941-1950